World-class biomedical imaging research continues to grow and thrive at five sites in London affiliated with Western University. For over 20 years, our biomedical imaging investigators have become known internationally for their research, training and particularly, as a model for developing a cohesive research program involving multiple institutions.

Brain and Mind Imaging

Brain and Mind Imaging

Bone and Joint

Bone and Joint

Imaging Tech

Imaging Technology

Andrea Soddu

Abnormal brain interactions harm consciousness

Over the past few years, a great amount of scientific research has shown that even when the brain is "at rest" it still works. The brains of healthy people are organized into regions displaying similar activity, called resting-state networks. There are two networks related to the perception of either the external world or internal thoughts. So far, much research on consciousness has focused on the activity within these networks, rather than how they communicate between each other.

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New Western neuroscience study shows how we learn from watching others

A new study from Western University shows that the parts of our brain that provide us with our sense of touch are activated when we watch someone else learn a manual skill.


Listen to your heart – it may tell you something about memory

Investigators at Western’s renowned Brain and Mind Institute have discovered that signals from inside your body can affect memories.